Preset Library

Preset Library v2.5 release notes

The links below will access the downloads for the various v2.5 preset libraries which are specific to the different device types – DQ & Di Series amplifiers, and DSC48 processors.  As well as the presets for the brand new R5 loudspeaker (for FIR models), the v2.5 libraries have some other significant steps forwards.
Before installing preset library v2.5 please read the important notes below, and if you have any questions please contact us directly at the factory for advice.

Specific device-related libraries

Please ensure you download and install the correct library for your device – this is very important.  You will see that for DQ Series amplifiers and DSC48 controllers, there are two libraries – one for FIR-enabled amplifiers, and one for older non-FIR units.  All Di Series amplifiers are FIR-enabled, so there is only one library.
Flagship EM Acoustics products – the Reference Series, HALO-A and HALO-B – require FIR processing to function correctly.  The non-FIR libraries do not have the presets installed for these products, so it is important you install the correct library file to get the best performance from your product.


Please ensure you update your device firmware to the latest version published on this website – this ensures that your device has the very latest core processing and will function correctly.  If you require any advice or support on upgrading the device firmware please consult the user manual, or contact us directly.

Changes in preset library v2.5

The v2.5 library represents the most significant changes in a library file issued to-date.  There have been no changes to loudspeaker voicing, however there has been a significant change to the overall system gain structure which has resulted in higher output for a given input signal. 

Please be aware of this when installing the v2.5 library, particularly in a fixed installation context where systems have already been tuned and commissioned.
Please also be aware that device snapshot files point to a memory location, not a specific preset file.  For example, if memory slot 8 in a DQ20 contains the preset for an EMS-156, and a snapshot is used to recall that preset – it will be recalling whatever is in memory slot 8, not the EMS-156 preset specifically.  Due to a need to restructure, the preset locations for some products have changed in library v2.5, so please ensure you check your snapshot files and make necessary notes before installing the v2.5 library to ensure you can re-save those snapshots with the right preset files.

Presets for touring variants

Please note that the preset files required for the touring versions of subwoofers are the same – so the S-215 & ST-215 use the S-215 preset file, and the S-218 & ST-218 both use the S-218 preset file.

Presets for legacy models

Due to the majority of our preset files being only protection filters and limiters, certain legacy products will utilize the same preset file as current products.

Legacy Product                                              Correct Preset
i-8 subwoofer                                                   S-48
EMS-51                                                              EMS-51X
EMS-122/122w                                                 EMS-126/129
EMS-118 subwoofer                                        S-18
MSE-156/159                                                   EMS-156/159
MSE-218 subwoofer                                        S-218

If you have any questions or are in any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.