Our Story

EM Acoustics is an independent British manufacturer of high-end professional loudspeaker systems. From modest beginnings in 2002 we set out to redefine the performance standards expected of passive loudspeakers. We believed that burdensome and unnecessary electronic complexity could get in the way of the fundamental goal of sound reinforcement: fidelity, accuracy, and ultimate headroom. Early commercial success was achieved with a redefined, back-to-first-principles approach to the passive crossover technology that is at the core of the product range. 

Ed and Mike 2002 - EM Acoustics


Ed Mike 2012 - EM Acoustics


Ed and Mike 2022


Combining precision engineering with robust build quality, our products are designed to deliver top-class performance throughout the demand curve, backed up by one-to-one customer support for the life of the product. Using state-of-the-art automation as well as skilled craftwork, we handle our own woodwork and paint processes, circuitry, conduct final assembly and comprehensively test in a modern 15,000 square foot factory in the heart of Surrey, England using a dedicated local workforce. We achieve as much of the manufacturing process in house as is possible, sourcing components and materials from elite suppliers. Our flexible design-to-prototype workflow is so streamlined as to allow us to accommodate special customer requirements and even one-offs.   

Our extensive R&D facility enables the pursuit of both free- thinking acoustics research as well as the rapid development of commercially proven, market-leading solutions, based on a firmly held belief that the highest quality components and enclosures result in loudspeakers notable for their absolute neutrality and accuracy of sound. 

The use of natural materials, as opposed to plastics, in the fundamental structure of our products is an entirely conscious decision that is as good for the listener as it is for the wider environment. 

We measure, we listen, and we critically assess every aspect of every loudspeaker’s performance before it becomes a part of your system, and our confidence in our production and quality control procedures is backed by a five-year warranty. 

As a company we pride ourselves on being highly approachable, communicative, and responsible. Founders Ed Kinsella and Mike Wheeler are just a phone call away and are often seen at the sharp end of an install or live event; the real world of live production is really the only place to fully absorb what’s going on in sound reinforcement, and this approach allows us to bring fresh thinking to product design and respond to customer feedback quickly and positively.

We strive for inclusiveness and integrity, pursuing admittedly high ideals and fundamental values like one-to-one customer support and pride in workmanship and workforce. We’re unashamedly devoted to keeping things simple – using natural materials, avoiding complicated processing where it’s not needed, supporting sustainable ideals wherever possible, and designing out anything that gets in the way of enjoying the show and our clients’ ability to deliver their audio, their way. 

Meet the team

EM Directors Ed
Ed Kinsella
Technical Director ed@emacoustics.co.uk

A natural scientist by training, Ed handles product acoustic design and the sound design of venues. Ever the explorer, he has dreamed up experimental products for NASA and the U.S. military, including a subwoofer half the size of a sea container.

But back to reality…

EM Directors Mike
Mike Wheeler
Operations Director mike@emacoustics.co.uk

A mechanical engineer by education, Mike handles the mechanical and physical design of EM Acoustics products including the rigging systems. He manages the day-to-day running of the factory, working alongside Ed and the department heads to ensure customer demands are met.

Greg Clarke - EM Acoustics
Greg Clarke

An award-winning sound designer, Greg handles brand development and publicity at EM. He also provides system design and field implementation services, with particular emphasis on live theatre. His deep knowledge of live productions and eminence within the scene make him an invaluable asset to clients of EM.

Roger Harpum - EM Acoustics
Roger Harpum
Business Development Manager roger.harpum@emacoustics.co.uk

An industry stalwart since the early 90’s, Roger’s role at EM is to develop strong and continuing relationships with Distributors, Dealers, Rental Companies, Integrators, Designers and Consultants. He, along with key members of the management team, will build a strategic approach to sustainable growth.

EM Staff Chloe
Chloe Horvath
Office & Accounts Administrator chloe.horvath@emacoustics.co.uk

Chloe takes care of the accounts, stock control, supply chain management functions and, in conjunction with the Woodwork, Crossovers, Finishing, Paint and Final Assembly department heads, manages the production scheduling to ensure the efficient running of the factory.

EM Staff Alastair
Alastair Kirby
Production Floor Manager

Alastair was EM Acoustics’ first employee, and has been with the company since the very early days of production in a start-up workshop. He has overseen the adoption of modern cabinet assembly processes that he manages with a uniquely personal sense of attention to detail.

EM Staff Kerrin
Kerrin Shaw
Woodwork Factory Manager

With decades of experience in the industry, Kerrin is our woodwork lead, overseeing start-to-finish assembly of our exceptional, high-grade precision-machined cabinets. He has primary responsibility for our wood shop processes, liaising closely with other departments to maintain a smooth workflow.

EM Staff Craig
Craig Neil
Woodwork Finishing Supervision

Craig’s department is the preparation of raw woodwork prior to painting, ensuring that every cabinet is filled and sanded to perfection before handing it over, a skilled process that he approaches with machine-like precision and consistency.

EM Acoustics team shot
Production Team

We have a dedicated team of skilled craftsmen, each specialising within a given area of production from woodwork and cabinet fabrication through to final assembly and quality control. They all share a genuine passion for the products that they manufacture, and without them the show would not go on.