New-look EMS Series passive speakers unveiled at PLASA 2019

The EMS Series from EM Acoustics is the company’s best-selling loudspeaker range, featuring their signature passive crossovers and exceptional enclosure design. Hugely versatile, EMS Series point source loudspeakers are deployed in a vast array of theatres and entertainment venues both in the UK and worldwide, and the series plays a highly significant role in the rental market. In a further development to the range, EM Acoustics has enhanced the look and feel with a number of aesthetic changes, and augmented the series with the addition of a 10-inch model, the EMS-101X.

The EMX-101X, unveiled at PLASA 2019, incorporates a brand new low frequency driver, designed in large part by EM Acoustics’ director of R&D, Ed Kinsella. “Ed didn’t want to build anything around any of the 10-inch drivers previously available. He simply felt that existing units would not deliver the outstanding results that we were pursuing. So, true to form, he designed one himself. As a result we’ve got exactly what we and our customers were seeking; a great-sounding 10-inch full range passive box that sits perfectly between our 8-inch and 12-inch offering, both in physical size and output.”

Two other new products at the larger end of the range are the EMS-156 and the EMS-159, formerly the MSE-156 and MSE-159, both of which have benefitted from the same physical updates as the rest of the range.

One of the most significant improvements has been the introduction of a newly developed 3-step polyurethane paint finish which is exceptionally tough, inherently weather-resistant, and offers a sleeker, more modern look. For prolonged outdoor use, outdoor versions can also be supplied wth stainless steel grilles and weather-resistant connectors. Other enhancements include a stylish new grille design and painless access to the rigging points.

“The EMS Series owes its popularity to two main factors,” says Wheeler. “Firstly, exceptional sound quality, which stems from our signature passive crossovers and Ed’s truly unique design; and secondly the sheer versatility of the range. The new additions have increased that flexibility; the range comprises two-way passive loudspeakers from 4” to 15” and we now have a loudspeaker, or combination of loudspeakers, for just about every possible scenario within the EMS Series. That includes everything from foreground, background and nearfill applications to under-balcony, delay and effects, to zoned, distributed systems and main PA applications. The list is endless. I’m proud to be unveiling the new look at PLASA along with the latest additions that will continue to ensure its industry-favourite status for many years to come.”