HALO-B shines in star-studded line up at ABTT Theatre Show

Following its UK launch at PLASA Focus last month, EM Acoustics is to showcase HALO-B at the ABTT Theatre Show in London’s Alexandra Palace. The third system in the HALO family is a medium format, 110° horizontal dispersion line array for indoor and outdoor sound reinforcement. As its name suggests, HALO-B sits between HALO-A and HALO-C in both physical size and overall system output. As such it is perhaps the most versatile system in the family and ideally suited to live performance applications in theatres, concert halls and other performance venues. HALO-B will feature amongst a range of other of EM Acoustics’ firm favourites for performance venue applications, including the award-winning ultra-compact EMS-41 which delivers class-leading performance in a truly bijou package.

HALO-B is a two-way reflex-loaded medium format line array element featuring a patent-pending proprietary HF emulation manifold which combines the energy of four 1-inch compression drivers into a plane-wave array. These are flanked by two 8-inch LF drivers in an optimally tuned, lightweight, ported enclosure. The bi-amplified design results in only a single crossover point, which in turn translates into reduced amplifier channel count and more efficient use of amplifier power.

Continuity of voicing is preserved across the entire HALO Series, enabling HALO-B’s use as a companion system to either the large format HALO-A, or the compact HALO-C systems in addition to stand-alone main PA applications. Festivals, stadia, sports arenas, performance venues, houses of worship and corporate AV events are all ideal candidates for HALO-B, designed to be equally comfortable in both fixed installation and mobile applications. HALO-B is matched with the ST-215 flyable dual 15-inch subwoofer and packaged with Dante-enabled DQ Series amplifiers or the flagship DQRack.

“HALO-B has surpassed our expectations,” says EM Acoustics operations director, Mike Wheeler. “The high frequency manifold technology that we developed for HALO-A performs even better than we expected in its scaled-down HALO-B implementation, and it’s an ideal size for so many applications, either on its own or accompanying something else – we feel HALO-B will be a really useful tool for rental companies looking for maximum ROI, and of course it’s also a great choice for fixed installation into performance venues of all types. We’re delighted to be showing it alongside the rest of our range at ABTT, and we may just have a few more surprises in store for you as well – but you’ll have to come along to find out!”