EM Acoustics launches ST-215 touring subwoofer at ISE 2019

Coinciding with the release of the eagerly-awaited HALO-B system, billed by EM Acoustics as “the best product we have ever made,” the company is delighted to announce the ISE launch of the ST-215 medium format touring subwoofer. As the first product in the forthcoming S Series of subwoofers, the ST-215 is designed to complement other products within the EM Acoustics range as well as offering ideal low frequency support for HALO-B systems.

Featuring dual 4-inch voice coil 15-inch neodymium LF drive units for unmatched power density and headroom, the ST-215 has been voiced to add low frequency body to flown HALO-B systems and is also mechanically compatible with HALO-B. However, this versatile subwoofer is also a standalone product and can be used to support any EM Acoustics product, in either a flown or ground-stacked configuration.

The compact, lightweight enclosure offers an optimally-tuned bass reflex design with a single low-velocity port to minimise distortion generated by turbulence. The high motor strength of the drive units gives the ST-215 excellent transient response and the moving area of the two high-excursion 15-inch drive units generates significant low frequency extension and overall subwoofer output. The enclosure is symmetrical to facilitate the creation of cardioid arrays where appropriate.

Housed in a robust weather-resistant enclosure and utilising stainless steel fixings and a stainless steel grille, the ST-215 is ready for outdoor use straight out of the box. Even the touring-friendly 4-point flying hardware is coated with XylanTM for maximum durability. All rigging components retract flush with the cabinet for transit and ground stack use. Arrays of up to nine units can be easily and quickly assembled with above-regulation safety compliance.

According to operations director, Mike Wheeler, the ST-215 offers all the advantages of dedicated sub-bass support for HALO-B without being too specific for use with other EM Acoustics loudspeakers. “We deliberately designed the ST-215 to be mechanically and acoustically compatible with HALO-B, because HALO-B deserves to have a subwoofer that is precisely tailored to match the rest of the system,” he explains. “However, the design is flexible enough that it’s also a highly versatile system in its own right and can easily accompany other EM Acoustics systems, which makes it really easy to integrate into rental stock, for example. However, that same flexibility makes it equally at home in fixed installations, so it really is the best of both worlds.”