EM Acoustics powers immersive audio magic at Treetop Adventure Golf

EMS Series installed at new Gateshead site of adventure golf chain

Treetop Adventure Golf, renowned for its immersive and adventurous mini-golf experiences, recently announced the opening of a new site in Gateshead. Treetop have taken the idea of adventure golf and brought it bang up to date, with imaginative set designs and interactive features that whisk players away to far-off and mystical lands during the course of its 18-hole games. To power this magical story-driven experience, Gateshead required a complete audio system that could handle the demands of a busy visitor attraction whilst providing clear and consistent sound over two floors and two carefully designed courses. A system based around EM Acoustic’s EMS series proved to be an ideal solution. 

Lighting, sound and visual providers Full Production led the integration of the project, having previously worked successfully on the Birmingham branch of Treetop Adventure Golf. Accomplished AV designer Dan Roncoroni was invited to work on the project after being approached by Full Production to collaborate on the new Gateshead facility.

“Steve Richardson from Full Production invited me to the Birmingham site to explain the project and from there I began planning what we could do for the audio at Gateshead,” recalls Roncoroni. “I’ve completed a few projects using EM Acoustics in conjunction with TiMax processors and Powersoft amplifiers, and I’ve been very happy with the results of this combination.”

To further confirm the choice of EM Acoustics, Roncoroni made use of EM’s facilities to invite the CEO and Founder of Treetops to the factory for a demo. “After hearing content through the loudspeakers and touring the factory, they were won over,” explains Roncoroni. “It is important that guests cannot see any of the low-level loudspeakers. The EMS-41, 51X and 61s are small and compact enough to be discreet and don’t require corrective DSP to sound fantastic. It was a no-brainer for me.”

The Gateshead site, which boasts two 18-hole mini golf courses with distinct themes, plus a bonus 19th hole, takes guests on an immersive journey through the jungle and an ancient temple complex. Audio content seamlessly accompanies every shot, creating a theatrical and engaging experience with voice acting and character speeches. Players trigger audio content by succeeding or failing their putts on each hole, whilst a continual soundscape runs in the background. 

“Treetop have embraced an attitude that wouldn’t be amiss in professional theatre and have fully backed me selecting premium products for each part of the audio signal chain,” continues Roncoroni. “The audio system needed to operate autonomously for 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no technical operators required whilst sounding great in an acoustically untreated retail unit; it was a huge project.”

A total of 104 EM Acoustics products are installed at the site, including 68 EMS-41 and 13 EMS-51X ultra-compact loudspeakers, which provide high-quality yet discreet low-level audio. These are supplemented by five EMS-61 compact loudspeakers and four EMS-81X loudspeakers to ensure consistent high-level coverage across the courses.

Finally, 14 S-48 subwoofers ensure a distributed full-range audio experience whilst minimising the risk of disturbing neighbouring businesses. The audio is seamlessly managed by two instances of Figure53’s  Qlab 5 and a TiMax SoundHub 32-S, facilitating precision control and synchronisation throughout the facility, whilst Powersoft Unica amplifiers drive the system. Innovate Audio’s PanLab plugin provides further processing for the audio routed from QLab.

“Like many projects nowadays, lead times posed a challenge,” continues Roncoroni. “EM Acoustics were accommodating to the 12-week timeline and have been enormously helpful in how they’ve responded as a supplier.” 

The installation at Treetop Adventure Golf in Gateshead sets a new benchmark in mini-golf entertainment, providing an immersive experience where the audio provided by EM Acoustics loudspeakers transports guests to otherworldly landscapes. “We’ve had an excellent response from Treetop so far,” concludes Roncoroni. “The consistency of EM Acoustics loudspeakers across the different zones makes them a great choice for a complex project like Treetops.”

Photos courtesy of Matt Eachus (TheMancPhotographer)

The consistency of EM Acoustics loudspeakers across the different zones makes them a great choice for a complex project like Treetops
Dan Roncoroni,
AV designer