Compact flyable subwoofer


Compact flyable subwoofer

Small enclosure footprint and low weight ensure discreet system that is easy to rig
Useable low frequency response down to 40Hz from a compact enclosure
Extremely robust high excursion 15″ neodymium LF drive unit
The HALO-CS is the dedicated subwoofer for the HALO Compact system, designed to fulfil requirements for a wide range of professional audio applications. At 36kg (79.2lbs) in weight and only 492mm wide (19.4″), HALO-CS is a truly compact solution – yet as it is capable of continuous sound pressure levels in excess of 126dB it is an ideal solution for small-to-medium theatres, houses of worship, theme parks, conference venues and corporate A/V, and even small to medium scale live sound reinforcement.
  • Intuitive, safe rigging system for both flown and groundstacked systems
  • Premium 15mm multi-laminate birch plywood cabinet
  • Black or white textured paint finish
  • Optional weather protection or RAL custom colours
  • Integral four-point flying system made from ultra-high tensile Domex steel for flown and ground stacked systems
  • Perforated steel grille with acoustically transparent fabric backing
  • CASE-HALO-C four element touring flightcase optionally available

The concept behind the HALO-CS was to create a compact subwoofer which would add useable low frequency information both in flown and ground-stacked configurations. As such, a powerful, high excursion 15″ (381mm) neodymium drive unit was used to allow the HALO-CS to comfortably respond down to 40Hz. For larger systems, the HALO-CS can be used to add low frequency weight to the flown array with larger subwoofers providing more information in the lower octaves.

The HALO-CS enclosure is the same width as the HALO Compact, and is the equivalent height of two flown or ground-stacked HALO Compact elements. As such, flight casing and truck packing are simple tasks, as cases for HALO-CS subwoofers can easily be made the same height and width as cases with pairs of HALO Compact enclosures.

HALO-CS subwoofers are supplied with a similar rigging system to that on the HALO Compact – a four-point design made from ultra-high tensile Domex steel. HALO-CS enclosures form a stable base for ground stacks without requiring the flying grid. Location holes are provided on the rigging hardware so that the first HALO-C enclosure in the array or ground stack can have either positive or negative angle – for example in a flown configuration, the first HALO-C can be set at anything from 5° uptilt through to 10° downtilt in 1-degree increments.

The HALO-CS enclosure is constructed from premium multi-laminate Birch plywood. Intelligent bracing design minimises panel flexure, thereby reducing unwanted resonance whilst still keeping the enclosure weight low. The enclosure is also supplied as standard with rubber feet on the top (for ground stacking when inverted), matching stacking recesses in the bottom of the enclosure as well as an M20 threaded polemount adapter, and two flush routed bar handles in the sides. A perforated steel grille backed with acoustically transparent black fabric finishes the enclosure with a sleek but stylish appearance.

The enclosure is finished in a rugged black  textured polyurethane or white textured paint as standard, though RAL colour matching and weather-protected outdoor options are available.

The HALO-CS is ideally powered from the EM Acoustics DQ10 or DQ20 Advanced System Amplifiers, or the AQ-10 or AD-9 power amplifier in conjunction with the DSC48 system controller (for loudspeaker filter slopes and protection) for optimal results.

HALO-C is ideally powered from the EM Acoustics DQ10 or DQ20 Advanced System Amplifiers, or the AQ-10 power amplifier in conjunction with the DSC48 system controller (for loudspeaker filter slopes and protection) for optimum results.

Enclosure Type Compact flyable reflex subwoofer
Components 1 x 15” (381mm) neodymium LF drive unit
Dimensions (HxWxD), mm/(ins) 438 (17.2) x 492 (19.4) x 600 (23.6) mm/(ins) – enclosure only

438 (17.2) x 524 (20.6) x 600 (23.6) mm/(ins) – extremities of rigging/pins

Net/Shipping Weight 36/38kg (79.2/83.6lbs)
Frequency Response 40Hz – 120Hz ± 3dB
Maximum SPL 126dB continuous, 134dB peak
Loudspeakers per amplifier DQ6: 1 per channel, DQ10: 2 per channel, DC20: 4 per channel
Power Handling 600W RMS, 1200W program
Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
Crossover External active, recommended below 100Hz
Rigging Hardware Four-point integral flying system, tested to 12 elements at 10:1 safety factor secured with aircraft-grade ball-lock pins direct interface to HALO-C enclosures either flown or ground stacked
Accessories CASE-HALO-CS single element touring flightcase various flying hardware options – see flying hardware datasheet






HM-HALO-C hook mount adapter


FG-HALO-C master flying grid


FG Halo Extension Bar

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Case Studies using this Product

Case Studies using this Product