Concert Touring

Concert Touring

EM Acoustics has a growing pedigree in concert touring and large-scale music events. Our range contains serious firepower, including the truly arena-filling HALO-A and the elegantly muscular R12 precision point source.

Our kit performs beautifully under pressure, and critically will not start to close down on your sound when you need to get serious about level. Everything in the range performs consistently across the demand curve, with no unwelcome limiting and personality changes when the faders go forwards. Our loudspeakers do not rely on obscure processing and burnt-in EQ to perform. They are designed properly, from the ground up, and are not subject to compensatory electronics so often found in competitor brands.

Built to withstand the elements and the punishment inherent in touring, EM Acoustics loudspeakers are exceptionally reliable, and our rigging systems are logical, intuitive, and simple to use.

All elements required for the touring world are covered in the product line, from arrays to monitors to bespoke, flyable touring amp racks. Scalable and elegant, EM Acoustics will deliver sensational, unfettered audio to your audience, whatever the event.


Two-way passive, reflex-loaded fullrange loudspeaker


Two-way passive, reflex loaded fullrange loudspeaker


Large format precision passive fullrange loudspeaker


Two-way passive coaxial stage monitor


Two-way passive coaxial stage monitor

ST-215 picture - EM Acoustics


Medium format flyable reflex subwoofer


Large format flyable reflex subwoofer


Installation system amplifier


Installation system amplifier



Advanced System Amplifier

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