Compound isobaric subwoofer


Compound isobaric ULF subwoofer

The i-12 compound isobaric ULF subwoofer is the definition of depth of frequency response in a compact footprint.

Exceptional low frequency performance for its enclosure size

Compact dimensions for easy venue concealment

Four high power 12" LF drive units

The i-12 is the largest subwoofer in the i-Series by EM Acoustics, and represents a unique approach to low frequency reproduction from a compact enclosure.

  • Unprecedented sonic depth from a compact enclosure
  • Four high power 12" LF drivers loaded as two compound isobaric pairs
  • Useable low frequency response down to 27Hz
  • Impedance switchable between 2 ohms or dual 4 ohms
  • Premium 18mm multi-laminate birch plywood enclosure
  • Black or white textured paint finish
  • Optional weather protection or RAL custom colours
  • Two perforated steel grilles with acoustically transparent black foam backing

The i-12 was designed to provide an extreme low frequency solution for a variety of applications. The unique design provides unprecedented sonic depth from an enclosure of this size. With a response extending down to below 28Hz, the i-12 is ideal as true sub bass in live venues or nightclubs, or as an effect for theatres, museums, cinemas or even simulators.

The enclosure contains four high power 12″ (305mm) drive units, loaded as two compound isobaric pairs. This design gives a useable response down to 27Hz, without any artificial equalisation.  The i-12 can therefore add ‘depth and warmth’ to any system, even where larger subwoofers would normally have been used.

The enclosure is constructed from premium multi-laminate Birch plywood, and is finished in impact resistant paint.  The enclosure is finished in black or white as standard – however RAL colour matching and weather protection options are available.  Two steel bar handles are fitted on each side of the enclosure to enable easy movement.  Two perforated steel mesh grilles covered with acoustically transparent black foam protect the drive units from damage and moisture.  A recessed switch on the rear of the enclosure allows the user to switch between 2 ohm, and dual 4-ohm impedance for flexibility with amplifier matching.

The i-12 requires active high/low pass filters and one or two amplifier channels (depending on mode selected) capable of delivering 1500-2000W RMS into a 2 ohm load, or 2 x 800-1000W into 4 ohm loads.  For optimum results, the EM Acoustics DQ20 Advanced System Amplifier, or the AQ-10 or AD-9 power amplifier in conjunction with the DSC48 system controller (for loudspeaker protection) should be used.

Enclosure TypeCompound isobaric subwoofer
Components4 x 12" (305mm) neodymium LF drive units
Dimensions (HxWxD), mm/(ins)420 (16.5) x 823 (32.4) x 700 (27.6)
Net/Shipping Weight83/86kg (182.6/189.2lbs)
Frequency Response27Hz - 100Hz ± 3dB
Maximum SPL126dB continuous, 132dB peak
Power Handling1000W RMS, 2000W program
Nominal Impedance8 ohms / 2 x 4 ohms (selectable)

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