High power horn-loaded subwoofer


Quake horn-loaded subwoofer

Unrivaled frequency and phase response in a large format subwoofer

Incredible efficiency when used in multiples of four or more enclosures

High excursion 18" LF drive unit

The MSE-118 Quake is a powerful, horn-loaded subwoofer – the ultimate no-compromise solution for any application requiring crisp, deep bass information. The Quake, released in 2003, matches the utmost in modern drive unit performance with tireless research into horn technology. The result is one of the finest and most powerful professional subwoofers on the market today.

  • Robust build quality to survive a life on the road
  • Dimensions optimised for four-wide truck pack
  • Premium 18mm multi-laminate birch plywood enclosure
  • Black textured paint finish
  • Optional weather protection or RAL custom colours
  • Tour-friendly enclosure hardware
  • Hex punched steel grille backed with acoustically transparent foam

The magnitude and phase response provided by the combination of the mighty drive unit, coupled to a precisely engineered horn mean that Quakes will interface perfectly with any mid-high system, from point source to line arrays. Due to the way horns work, the Quake is best suited to use in groups – four or more Quakes in a stack will produce staggering results – producing higher SPL output than twice the number of many dual 18” designs. But it isn’t just about SPL – the impulse and phase response of the true horn system means it is unrivalled in terms of definition, speed and clarity. Aside from working perfectly with EM Acoustics systems such as the X3 or HALO Compact line array, Quakes are equally at home underneath any other high power mid-high system.

The MSE-118 contains a single 5” (127mm) voice coil, 18” (457mm) LF drive unit, loaded onto a 9’ (2743mm) exponential/hyperbolic folded horn. Designed to be used in multiples, the MSE-118 is unmatched when used in blocks of four or more enclosures. The substantial enclosure is constructed from premium multi-laminate Birch plywood and is finished in impact resistant paint. The enclosure is supplied as standard in black, however RAL colour matching and weather protection options are available. The enclosure is sized at 574mm (22.6”) wide for optimum truck-pack – four enclosures will neatly fit across the width of standard vehicles in both Europe and the United States.

The enclosure is fitted with eight steel bar handles and with interlocking feet on both sides to facilitate easy stacking. Heavy duty castors are also supplied for the rear of the enclosure, though these can be removed for fixed installations if required. Two NL4 connections are provided on the rear for input and enclosure link.  A foam-backed hex-punched steel grille protects the front of the enclosure.

The MSE-118 requires active high/low pass filters, and a single amplifier channel capable of delivering 1600-2000W RMS into an 8 ohm load. For optimum results, the EM Acoustics DQ20 Advanced System Amplifier, or the AD-9 power amplifier in conjunction with the DSC48 system controller (for loudspeaker filter slopes and protection) should be used.

Enclosure TypeExponential/hyperbolic folded horn subwoofer
Components1 x 18" (457mm) high excursion LF drive unit
Dimensions (HxWxD), mm/(ins)

1200 (47.2) x 574 (22.6) x 950 (37.4)

Net/Shipping Weight109/116kg (239.8/255.2lbs)
Frequency Response35Hz - 200Hz ± 3dB (single enclosure)
27Hz - 200Hz ± 3dB (four enclosures)
Maximum SPL134dB continuous, 140dB peak
Power Handling800W RMS, 1600W program
Nominal Impedance8 ohms

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