Compact passive subwoofer


Compact passive reflex subwoofer

Exceptional frequency and impulse response for fast, accurate low frequencies

High pass filtered output for fullrange satellite loudspeakers

High excursion 12" LF drive unit

The EMS-112 is a compact, powerful subwoofer, designed to complement the smaller fullrange products within the EMS Series – especially the EMS-51, EMS-61 and EMS-81X. The optimally-tuned vented enclosure provides excellent transient response and low frequency reproduction without the aid of corrective equalisation. The EMS-112 has the advantage of being completely passive – having both a low-pass filter for the subwoofer itself, and also a seperate high-pass filtered output for fullrange boxes. This makes the EMS-112 a truly self-contained system, enabling subwoofer and fullrange loudspeaker to be run from a single amplifier channel.

  • High power to size ratio
  • Premium 15mm multi-laminate birch plywood enclosure
  • Black or white textured paint finish
  • Optional weather protection or RAL custom colours
  • M20 threaded pole mount adapter
  • Hex punched steel grille

The enclosure contains a single 4” (102mm) voice coil, 12” (305mm) high-excursion LF drive unit, and is constructed from premium grade multi-laminate Birch plywood and finished in impact resistant paint. The front of the subwoofer is protected by a rigid steel grille. Two flush handles, rubber feet and mating recesses and an M20 threaded pole adapter are provided for flexibility when in use. Three NL4 connections are provided on a recessed panel at the rear – two for input and enclosure link, and a third for the seperate high-pass filtered output. RAL colour matching and weather protection options are also available if required.

The EMS-112 can add low frequency power and extension to systems based around any EM Acoustics fullrange product, but is particularly suited to the smaller products within the range. The EMS-112 requires a single amplifier channel capable of delivering 800-1000W RMS into a 8 ohm load. For optimum results, the EM Acoustics DQ10 or DQ20 Advanced System Amplifiers, or the AQ-10 or AD-9 power amplifier in conjunction with the DSC48 system controller (for loudspeaker protection) should be used.

Enclosure TypePassive reflex subwoofer
Components1 x 12" (305mm) LF drive unit
Dimensions (HxWxD), mm/(ins)

360 (14.2) x 530 (20.9) x 500 (19.7)

Net/Shipping Weight30/32kg (66/70.4lbs)
Frequency Response42Hz - 120Hz ± 3dB
Maximum SPL124dB continuous, 130dB peak
Power Handling500W RMS, 1000W program
Nominal Impedance8 ohms

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