EM Acoustics

Loudspeakers Redefined

All our products are hand-assembled in the our headquarters in the UK. With no DSP processing, the EM Acoustics speakers are simpler to use, less prone to set-up error and ultimately more reliable - yet deliver audio quality that is every bit as good, and frequently better, than anything else on the market.


The product range comprises lightweight Class D and Class AB rackmount power amplifiers, along with advanced digital loudspeaker system controllers for use with all EM Acoustics loudspeaker models.

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X Series

The X Series is a high power modular arrayable horn-loaded system designed for large scale events, creating true point-and-shoot solutions for indoor and outdoor concert touring. The X-3 integrated seamlessly into arrays with its enclosure wall angle matching the dispersion angle, while the X-3DF downfill usefully extends vertical array coverage.

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MSE Series

The MSE Series is intended for a wide variety of applications – both mobile and permanently installed – but primarily aimed at concert touring. The all-passive designs outperform many biamped or processed equivalents, yet retain the simplicity of use and reduced requirement on amplifier channels. A range of coverage patterns, many rotatable, adapts the MSE Series intuitively to varying venue size and shape.

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Stage Monitor Series

World class stage monitors applicable for both large and small concert stages, live music venues, and houses of worship, the EM Acoustics Stage Monitor Series gives you the option of passive or biamped models, conventional or space-saving coaxial layouts to suit the most demanding artist, and variable coverage patterns that allow the performer freedom of movement while minimising spill into adjacent microphones.

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EMS Series

The EMS Series is the core of the EM Acoustics range – a variety of products aimed for a wide variety of applications in both mobile and permanent installation scenarios. The EMS Series offers ideal and elegant solutions for speech, music reinforcement, fill/delay applications and corporate A/V – with or without subwoofer support. The series comprises passive fullrange products from 5″ up to 12″, and subwoofers from 12″ to 18″, all built to the same exacting standards that EM Acoustics products are renowned for. Alongside the loudspeakers themselves are a wide range of rigging hardware and other accessories for both touring and fixed installation.

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i Series

The i-Series was originally intended as an installation series – however the “i” really stands for “interesting”. i-Series products are application-specific and unusual, intended to fulfil certain niche requirements. Two extremely surprising subwoofers and the i-2 front fill/under balcony enclosure make up this compact range, suited to both installation and mobile applications.

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ESP Series

The ESP series offers high output from deceptively sized compact self-powered enclosures designed for a wide variety of applications ranging from front-of-house duties to speech reinforcement, delays and fills, and compact stage monitoring.

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Halo Series

In 2008, EM Acoustics broke new ground launching the HALO small-format line array system. Utilising the latest advancements in drive unit and crossover technology, EM Acoustics are proud to announce the release of its successor - HALO Compact.

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